Our Story

Our Story

Posted by Kevin Kasarski on

Chitown Clothing can trace its roots back to 2004, when we (the two owners) met in college and began dating. In 2010, we started Chitown Clothing as a way to combine our collective civic pride with our entrepreneurial spirit. We began very small with just a few designs stocked in the closet of our small apartment and steadily grew from there. A few years later we were married and, of course, had t-shirts as our favors. We've come a long way since our humble beginning - we’ve shipped our products to over 70 countries and sell in boutiques, as well as big box stores, throughout the Chicagoland area…all while learning the delicate balance of running a business with your significant other out of a confined Lakeview apartment. What a ride it’s been, Chicago (and we're not stopping yet)! We also just welcomed our first child and future intern so expect a lot more baby and kids apparel.

Thank you for all of your support over the years!

~ Sara, Kevin, Maeve and our mascot, Gertie

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