New 100 Year Anniversary Bears Design

New 100 Year Anniversary Bears Design

Posted by Kevin Kasarski on

The upcoming 2019-2020 NFL season marks the 100th anniversary of the Chicago Bears football club. That's right. We've been privileged enough to have football in our fair city for an entire century. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have created a new design featuring all of the highlights from the past 100 years.

Chicago Bears 100 Years Shirt


It all began when the head of a food starch company in Decatur, IL, hired a 25 year old ex-Yankee from Chicago to run his amateur football club. That man was George  “Papa Bear” Halas and the club would turn into a little thing call the National Football League. 

George Halas

After acquiring the Decatur Staleys for $100 (now worth an estimated $2.5 billion), George Halas would soon move the team to Wrigley Field, adopt the colors of his alma mater (U of I) and change the team’s name to the Bears (derived from the baseball team they shared a stadium with). It wasn't until 1971 that the Bears moved to their new home at Soldier Field, a stadium that has now become an iconic NFL landmark. 

Bears at Wrigley Field

When designing this new tee, we enjoyed reading old articles and doing research on the extensive history and culture of the Bears. We reviewed all of the club's best players, classic plays and important, related iconography, such as the Super Bowl Shuffle during the legendary '85 season and the SNL Super Fans.

Super Bowl Shuffle

Overall, the team has won 10 championships and holds the record for the most HOFers (32). More importantly, they brought an entire city together under a love of polish sausage and a hatred of cheese. 

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