Growing up watching The Bozo Show on WGN between the hypnotically catchy commercials of Victory Auto Wreckers, Tile Outlet and Eagleman. Spending the holidays setting up the tree in the frunchroom, eating Frango Mints and looking for street parking that isn’t marked by lawn chairs. Assuming that all 80s/early 90s movies were filmed here, that our basketball team would never lose and that everyone ate giardiniera at every family get together. This is why we love Chicago. 

Half of us are from here and the other half now considers it home. For us, this city is like no other place in the world. It is prideful, boastful at times. Gritty and beautiful. The people make Chicago, and Chicago definitely makes the people. 

In 2009, we wanted to combine our collective civic pride with our entrepreneurial spirit. Equipped with graphic design and marketing backgrounds, as well as some stupidity, we started with just a few designs stocked in the closet of our small apartment. To our surprise, people seemed to like what we were doing. We quit our jobs and went all in. A few years later we were married and, of course, had t-shirts as our favors. Last November we welcomed our daughter, Maeve, to the world and hired her on as our "intern" and occasional model.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve tried to capture this great city’s creativity, wit, history and rich culture through every super-soft tee and each meticulously-designed graphic. We did this all while learning the delicate balance of running a business with your significant other out of a confined Lakeview apartment. We've come a long way since our humble beginning - we offer dozens of original rotating tees, sweatshirts, tote bags, stickers and more. We’ve been lucky enough to be featured in great publications and sell in boutiques, as well as big box stores, throughout the Chicagoland area. What a ride it’s been, Chicago (and we're not stopping yet)!



Thanks for all of your support over the years!

~ Sara, Kevin, Maeve and our mascot (dog) Gertie