New St. Patrick's Day Collection Items

New St. Patrick's Day Collection Items

Posted by Kevin Kasarski on

March is almost here and, as Chicagoans, we know that means two things: 1. that we only have a short time left to endure our seemingly never-ending winter, and 2. St. Patrick's Day is coming! 

Last year, we teamed up with local Chicago photographer Kamil Galimski on our new St. Patrick's Green River design, which shows a unique perspective on the river, not from the downtown view everyone normally sees, but from further down the river, with the skyline in the distance. The design is available on both a tee and a women's dolman.

St Patricks Day Green River Shirt

Along with this popular design, we also have our old standbys available and restocked. These include our CHI-rish design, our This is My St. Patrick's Day shirt and the St. Patrick's version of our Drink Local tee. Also new this year is a hoodie version of our Drink Local design:

St. Patrick's Day Drink Local Hoodie


You can shop the entire St. Patrick's Day collection here.


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