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New Chicago Flag Patch Collection

Chicago has a love affair with its flag - the banner combining 2 blue stripes with 4 red stars is a sign of local pride and seen all over our city, from being hung on front porches to emblazoned on our bodies with tattoos. The Trib claims that our obsession with the flag began in the 1990s, when several young people started flocking to the city. Regardless of when it started, one thing is clear - we love our flag more than most cities.

You can find run-of-the-mill Chicago flag clothing anywhere - for our new take, we created unique, textured chenille patches that give this hoodie a nostalgic look. We have chosen to put the patches on super-soft sweatpants, a zip-up hoodie and a cozy winter hat:

 Chicago Flag Patch Sweatpants


Chicago Flag Patch Zip-Up Hoodie


Chicago Flag Patch Winter Hat

Items in our new Chicago flag apparel collection are perfect gifts for any Chicagoan, especially those who love to show their city pride.


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