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Jorts And Bad Beer St. Louis Shirt

St. Louis Sucks Shirt


In the late 19th century, Chicago was a pretty gross place. As the population grew, residents would dispose their waste any place they could find. Many would throw their old food, waste and sewage into the Chicago River. All of that disgusting water eventually drained into Lake Michigan, which was the city's water source, causing a huge outbreak of disease.

Due to this, the city underwent one of the biggest engineering feats of the time - they decided to reverse the flow of the river. In 1900, the task was finally completed and all the city's sewage water was diverted west, directly towards the city of St. Louis. The city made the best of the situation by collecting the water, bottling it and calling it Budweiser.



  • Super soft ringspun fabric
  • Unisex fit. Heather style
  • Designed and hand-printed in Chicago