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chicago pizza puffs

Pizza Puff Shirt


Pizza Puffs have been a hot dog stand, post-school and late-night staple in Chicago and beyond since '76. You may have thought each spot has their own take on this self-contained rectangle of pizza deliciousness. In fact, all puffs throughout Chicagoland can be traced to the Shabaz family aka the O.P.P. (original pizza puffs).
It all started way back in 1927 when Elisha Shabaz, an Assyrian immigrant learned to roll tamales and began selling them from a pushcart downtown for a penny. Over the years, the family experimented with different ingredients, and with the rise in popularity of pizza in Chicago in the '70s, the first pizza puff was born. For decades, these golden pockets of yum were hand-folded by the Shabaz family in the West Loop, but they have recently moved to a much larger space on the north side. 
To learn more and find the nearest retailer or convenient store selling them, check out the Puff Finder here:


  • Super soft ringspun fabric
  • Unisex fit. Heather style
  • Designed and hand-printed in Chicago