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Max Headroom T-Shirt

Max Headroom Shirt



Imagine sitting at home on a cold Chicago night before on-demand streaming, flipping through the channels when you land on the WGN nightly news. Then, out of nowhere, your tv fuzzes out and a man wearing a Max Headroom mask and sunglasses hijacks the program. For a total of almost 2 minutes filled with erratic movement, gibberish and props, the screen goes back and you're left asking yourself, what...just...happened??

As the theory goes, the piracy was possible because, since there weren't any engineers at the studio located in the Sears Tower, there was no quick way to stop the signal. However, the person(s) responsible have never been caught and still baffle authorities to this day, making it part of local legend


  • Super soft ringspun fabric
  • Unisex fit. Heather style
  • Designed and hand-printed in Chicago