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New Whoever Plays Green Bay Shirt

The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers has been ongoing for decades. There have been many infamous matchups, including numerous scrambles played back in the day at Wrigley Field to the unforgettable NFC Championship game in 2011. 

Green Bay Chicago Rivalry

As Bears fans, we know how far superior our team is to those cheeseheads in the north. Whether we are vying for first place in the division or we just want to see them lose, our favorite teams in the league have to be Chicago and whichever team is playing Green Bay each week.

Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers Shirt

Since the Bears are looking great this year, we've decided to redesign and restock our Whoever Plays Green Bay design. This is the perfect shirt to wear the next time the two teams meet or you are cheering on a Chiefs sack of Aaron Rodgers. 

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