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Time for a Refresh

It's been a few years since we at Chitown Clothing have updated our website and logo and to be honest, it was in need of a bit of a refresh. Forgive us, we've been too busy watching the Cubs end their long drought and moving our business from our small Lakeview apartment to our slightly bigger Ravenswood apartment. We've also worked hard the last few years upping our wholesale game - we are now selling in Sears Tower as well as 26 Carson Pirie Scott and Bergner's locations throughout Illinois and we will soon be in 11 Chicagoland locations of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

When figuring out the design and vision for our new site, we revisited all of our old site designs from our initial launch in 2010 (and had a good laugh at how embarrassing and outdated they look now). Here is a gif of our many changing looks throughout the years, from the original banner we envisioned in 2009 after we had both lost our jobs due to the recession, until this past week as we were choosing banners for the new site.


Chitown Clothing Website Design Gif


The new design makes navigating through the site easy, with various drop down menus and more sections than our previous site had. Our new logo is not just an upside down Mercedes sign - if you're not familiar with it, we'll explain more in our next blog post about the Chicago significance with the logo.

We're very excited to unveil the new design to all of you! We will continue to keep growing as a company, both with new products and modern design.  

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